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Below BRAHMS and ROTA Sonatas with Michael Pollock piano

plus the ROTA TRIO for Clarinet with super star of 2CELLOS Stjepan Hauser and Yoko Misumi

Price(GBP): £8.50

Front cover of cd of music by Brahms and Rota

Below – Romantic Trios – nominated for the BBC Music Magazine Chamber Music awards and given five stars in the BBC mag.

STJEPAN HAUSER of 2CELLOS on all three works: Beethoven, Brahms and Bruch with Yoko Misumi piano

Rave reviews in the American International Clarinet Association Magazine ” THE CLARINET” (see reviews page)

Price(GBP): £8.50

Right – Roma Cafolla’s

beautiful romantic music

hauntingly beautiful pieces for clarinet and interesting combinations of instruments including clarinet and violin, harp, flute and piano plus the Irish bodhran drum

Fantastic value – a two CD set given a rave review by David Campbell in the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain magazine “Clarinet & Saxophone” (see reviews page)

Price(GBP): £8.50


FANTASTIC, SIMPLE yet extremely effective ATG SYSTEM 

The easiest and simplest best selling reed adjusting system - you will recoup the cost in no time so for the equivalent of about three boxes of reeds you will be able to use virtually all the reeds you buy !
Price(GBP): £75.50

This system is foolproof and will enable you to transform unplayable reeds into concert reeds in minutes.

Includes full instructional booklet, DVD of the method in step by step easy to see sections plus the glass block the reed resurfacing block plus abrasives.

no more wasted reeds ……

Right – Les demonstrates the system it really is so easy and simple yet so effective he can literally demonstrate it blindfolded !

SPARE SANDING BLOCKS, RUBBER BANDS, ABRASIVES and GLASS SURFACES and packages of these can be bought from Leslie – by emailing him: leslie@craven.f2s.com or lesclarinet1@gmail.com


This is the definitive treatise on clarinet playing for clarinettists – not only teachers but all will benefit from this fantastic book and Leslie recommends it.

The care and attention to detail of every aspect of clarinet playing from reed selection, mouthpiece selection, embouchure formation, breathing technique and far more is explained in meticulous detail.

It will improve any clarinettist and teacher. Not just for teachers –  this is a book for all clarinettists  to learn how to play the clarinet PROPERLY !!

The best educational book for learning and teaching the clarinet
Price(GBP): £37.75

THE THUMB SADDLE – a solution for tight closed fingers and tension in the hands

Thumb saddle attached to a conventional fixed position thumb rest

Price(GBP): £13.00

fits on the back of the conventional thumb rest and  effectively increases  the diameter of the clarinet, opening the hand to give more individual digital control and eliminate  tension (but only  if the thumb rest is in the correct position – i.e. index and thumb opposite each other. ) If you suffer from pain in the wrist or arm (possibly caused by tendonitis) this simple device could help you.

Note from Leslie:  If your thumb rest is not in the optimum position with index finger opposite thumb, then I strongly recommend you have a repair technician move it and then attach the Thumb Saddle.

Please state if your current thumb rest is adjustable and if it is Leslie  will include some material at no extra cost to allow the saddle to be attached without a gap between the body of the clarinet and the saddle. For normal fixed thumb rests no extra packing is necessary. 

Below left: an adjustable thumb rest with Thumb Saddle attached but no packing material – see the gap between clarinet body and the thumb rest and Saddle – this is often the situation with adjustable thumb rests.  Below right a much better solution is to attach some felt or Velcro to the body of the clarinet to give more stability to the Saddle. If you let me know if you have an adjustable rest I will include  some felt packing free of charge.

Right: an adjustable thumb rest with packing felt attached to the body of clarinet to take up the gap and make a much more comfortable fit for the Thumb Saddle – this can be done with felt or Velcro and is simple to do simply cut the felt to size and affix it sticky side to the body of the clarinet


not only offers myriad fingerings but also suggests many instances of where in the clarinet repertoire the fingerings can be used.

……(I believe this is the best fingering book there is …. – Les)


Price(GBP): £19.75

The absolute benchmark of fingering books selling hundreds per year and with suggestions as to where in the repertoire to use the fingerings – Tom Ridenour’s comprehensive book is a must for serious clarinettists …..


Prices include shipping to UK addresses – for shipping prices to Europe and beyond contact Leslie via email

The synthetic cork grease that actually moisturises the cork – this grease is the best around and you will use less of it hence it is good value – as it is extremely effective 

Price(GBP): £11.50


This sticky grease is amazing – once it comes into contact with metal it becomes super slick and rods that are loose and causing clicks and metallic noise are silenced miraculously. Pivots and rollers become super efficient and silent. Especially good for large instruments – Bass clarinet Saxes etc. 

Great silencing grease for rods and for pivots rollers etc - miraculous - I use it all the time when preparing or overhauling clarinets - Leslie )
Price(GBP): £12.50

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