THE LESLIE CRAVEN MODEL MOUTHPIECE £210 or £185 if ordered with a clarinet

 NEW MODEL available and  also available from this site  – the Tom Ridenour Mouthpiece £190 0r £170 if ordered with a clarinet. Ridenour mouthpiece available from :


David Campbell (distinguished British Solo clarinettist) David selected two Craven Model mouthpieces.

After a very successful Clarinet Convention at the Royal Welsh College of Music (led by Leslie at which David Campbell was the guest artist) David Campbell tried and selected two Craven Model mouthpieces and was delighted with them.

David Campbell

David said: “Leslie’s mouthpieces really suit my English style of playing, allowing the legato and flexibility I like in a sound combined with all the other characteristics such as easy staccato, focus and projection. High altissimmo is reached with ease and I thoroughly recommend these mouthpieces to both professionals and students alike.

Leslie has been working with the world’s leading custom mouthpiece manufacturers for many years and finally, in collaboration with Bradford Behn he has developed a mouthpiece reproducing Leslie’s ideal facing, rail width, curve and table combined with the optimum tone chamber for most kinds of playing. 30 years of Leslie’s work on mouthpieces combined with Bradford Behn’s expertise and an enormous investment in time money and energy have culminated in this, the most user-friendly mouthpiece on the market in Leslie’s opinion

Recently Bradford Behn has been working on a new material for the mouthpieces and now they are available in  a resonant hard rubber made by Brad himself which  provide a sound with more projection and focus.

Currently they bear no Craven/Behn logo as they are completely new prototypes but later batches will have the familiar Craven Behn stamp. Both models are beautiful but currently Leslie only has the new design in stock as the Zinner blank based mouthpiece will be phased out.
Leslie hopes to source new Zinner style blanks very soon (July 2018)

To try the Craven model either email for further details or arrange a consultation with Leslie to select the best one for your style of playing from a selection of mouthpieces.

Ideally, Leslie prefers not to send  mouthpieces by post (although this can be arranged) but prefers to assist the player select a mouthpiece and this is done in his studio at home. A consultation will take about half an hour and is part of the service, incurring no extra cost.

All the mouthpieces are almost identical in characteristics but small timbre changes between the various mouthpieces offer different colours according to the player’s personal preference. Some players prefer more harmonics in a sound and others want a smooth round sound – both these characteristics are available with the Bradford Behn / Craven model.

Projection of the sound is achieved with ease but the Leslie Craven Model is versatile and can also be used for chamber playing as well as in symphonic and operatic music.

The craftsmanship of Bradford Behn is second to none and this is borne out by the fact that since changing to Behn mouthpieces Leslie has used them exclusively, in search for this, in his opinion, the ultimate. Each mouthpiece is hand crafted to the highest standard and they are limited in availability and numbered. They are not mass – volume produced and each order is treated with personal service by Leslie.

Leslie uses the Behn/Craven mouthpiece on all his recordings available from the store.

Contact Leslie and arrange for a trial of the mouthpieces.

To purchase

Payment will be required in advance if ordering by post. Mouthpieces will be sent on a trial basis for one week and provided they are returned unblemished within 7 working days, the total amount (minus a £10 handling and P&P charge) will be refunded.

Damaged mouthpieces will not be accepted by return and will be shipped back to the customer.
Cheques / Postal orders should be made payable to Leslie Craven. The price is £210.00 plus postage and any surcharges. For U.K. residents this is £10 00. The cost of shipping within the EU, inclusive of tracking and insurance, is £15 00.

Customers from outside the EU will need to contact Leslie with regard to shipping costs.

If you would like to reserve a mouthpiece for trial or come to Leslie’s studio please contact him.

Do read the testimonials from some of the delighted customers, pro players and students, many of whom choose to visit Les in his studio to select their mouthpieces. Below is a pictorial selection of just a few of Leslie’s delighted customers:


All the above players and many more are delighted Craven / Behn mouthpiece players.