Leslie’s video demos of RCP clarinets and the amazing ATG reed system for transforming hard stuffy reeds into playable reeds

A short video of how to fix those horrible reeds !

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Videos of Ridenour Clarinets (and the ATG reed system ) played by me (Leslie Craven)

Here I demonstrate both Lyrique Libertas (C £1575 with mouthpiece) and the less expensive (C£975 with mouthpiece) Lyrique 576b Bb clarinets. Both have hard rubber bodies and will not crack or warp. They play with a full round warm tone and have excellent intonation and evenness of note – size throughout the entire compass of the clarinet. You can read more about these in the Ridenour Clarinet products page https://www.lesliecraven.co.uk/ridenour-clarinet-products-uk-ltd-clarinets-and-accessories

Below I demonstrate the beautiful tone of the Ridenour Lyrique 575 A clarinet (C£1575 with mouthpiece) with extracts from the Brahms clarinet Quintet. See more about these clarinets in the Ridenour Clarinet Products UK Ltd page

Below is the demonstration of the C clarinet – this is flawed in as much as I had not realised how much I had pulled the barrel and was hastily made hence the video is not at all perfect in either performance or execution but I hope it gives visitors to this site an idea of how versatile and beautiful this little C clarinet is especially as it will never crack or warp and is more in tune than even  top models in the mainstream manufacturers ranges.

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Below – Short demonstrations of Libertas and  the amazing value (C £3175)  Lyrique 925C  Bass clarinet to low C – for its price most probably the best value Bass on the market – well in tune very even in note size and easy to cross the registers .

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