EEZEE reed fix

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A.K.A. S.M.E.R.f. this little inexpensive kit in a compact, zip container 13.5 cm x 10 cm will save users a fortune in wasted, discarded reeds. The new, innovative system, features an ingenious scientifically designed, curved block with a perfect curve and tangent loaded with two grades of abrasive, to glide over the surface of the tip of the reed without damage. This easy to load and assemble system is foolproof and will be invaluable for professionals, students and clarinettists of all levels. We have deliberately set the price point as low as possible to be affordable by everyone. Currently we have introduced the SMERf system for just £35.75 plus P&P (£7.00 UK, £13.00 International) and this is a 20% off introductory offer for the first 30 systems sold. This effective little kit supersedes much more expensive bulky systems (or bladed metal tools that require complex skills and lots of practise to succeed) presented in a very handy attractive case.

The kit contains: a glass plate, plenty of abrasives – a total of ten sheets pre-cut and folded to fit the block exactly enabling one to fix hundreds of reeds. Spare reeds to practise on, two magnetic halves of the scientifically designed block assembled in the kit, ready to start sanding, with the two grades of abrasive loaded. a small, V shaped plaque, and sponge abrasive for reed finishing on the mouthpiece. The kit also includes a reed tip trimmer* to correct reeds that have been over- sanded and become too soft. Comprehensive simple to follow, picture and text EEZEE instructions are included. There is also a video demonstration below. (* please note the reed trimmer included is a basic trimmer and we recommend upgrading to a more precise reed tip cutter – the one we supply is purely to allow the user to practise their skills at reed trimming . Cordier/MARCA is the trimmer we recommend.)

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Two halves of the magnetic block loaded with two different grades of abrasive.
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The assembled blocks ready to use
Pre-folded abrasive easy to load.
Easy to understand simple instructions

Sanding the reeds is easy and foolproof. Clarinettists and Saxophonists will save a fortune never having to discard reeds again.

CURRENT PRICE is a SPECIAL OFFER for the first 30 units sold – there are currently about 4 left then once they are sold – the price will be changed to £45 50p

ONLY 4 LEFT at £35 75p @ 4/10/2020