Silverstein products

HEXA,CRY04 ligatures, Ambipoly reeds, Omnicaps, Reedcure – reed sanitising reed cases.

Currently CRY04 ligatures are available in Bb and Bass and in stock.

NEW special sale price for CRY04 ligatures with Omnicap – £165 when contacting Les please refer to the sale offer

Hexa is only available to firm order as is the Reedcure box.

To buy any of the Silverstein products; reeds, ligatures etc please contact Leslie directly at or he will take your order by phone 01600714169. Most Credit cards accepted. Thank you.

The latest design adjustable Cry04 ligature proven to produce more harmonics and projection and ease of production in the altissimo than most, (except for the HEXA) if not all other ligatures. They have a non – stretch space age cord (used to lower space explorer vehicles on to Mars) that can be adjusted to fit all clarinet mouthpieces.

I have recently acquired several Cry04 ligatures in both Bb and Bass models and am offering these free to the first 15 buyers of Bb and Bass clarinets on the Ridenour products page. If you wish to buy a ligature separately the prices are listed below. I have very limited stock of the new HEXA but my prices are competitive and most other retailers are selling these for considerably more plus postage. Studded with Zircons they not only offer superior harmonic range and projection but are really a superb looking product.

The cord has a unique absorbent core that can be soaked to release moisture around the reed tip when the rubber omnicap is attached. Used by me on all recordings for the last 10 years this was a real boon when playing in a dry – studio lacking humidity to keep the reed moist. It meant that I could take time to listen to different recorded “takes” safe in the knowledge my reed was kept moist and hence saved time in re-wetting it.

This version has easily adjustable cords (with either a small allen key or hex screwdriver) so they can be fitted to many sizes of mouthpiece and new design side bars for more stability and improved harmonic transference. Proven to be a real improvement in sound production these ligatures make a huge difference to the depth of sound by giving a full spectrum of the necessary harmonics to make the sound fuller. It is almost like seeing a picture taken on a camera in full focus for the first time instead of being blurred.

CRY04 and HEXA: Fully adjustable with small Allen key or a small hex head screw driver to fit all clarinet mouthpieces -Eb Bb or Bass

Bb ligature £175 inclusive of postage to UK addresses

Bb ligature with Omni cap £190 inclusive of postage to UK addresses

CRY04 Bass ligature £195 inclusive of postage to UK addresses
Bass ligature with Omni cap £208 50 inclusive of postage to UK addresses

NB presentation boxes are not supplied with these products as they add too much to postage costs. Limited number of boxes are available but with much higher postage costs.

The Omni cap available for both clarinet and Bass

Unlike metal and plastic caps the new Omni Cap rubber cap doesn’t make a noise when dropped in rehearsals !! Keeps moisture around the tip of the reed and protects reed without danger of damage when putting it on.

When bought separately: £11 99 plus £3 postage to UK addresses

Payment by card (over the phone)
cheque, and direct transfer accepted email or phone 01600714169

NEW: AMBIPOLY REEDS a revolution in synthetic reeds – unique absorbent polymer reacts like a perfect cane reed and lasts almost indefinitely if looked after

Price £31 50 or £59 50 for two – inclusive of postage to UK addresses  available in strength  3.5  3.5 + and 4
 other strengths available to firm order.

What price do we put on good health??? – the correct answer:

It is priceless and anything we can do to preserve that state is precious – see the video clip below to save yourself from infectious diseases spread by reed – germs
I had pneumonia four times and almost diedif I had one of these I may not have re-infected myself
– Les Craven