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These CDs have had fantastic reviews and represent just a selection – go to Leslie’s Products page for more CDs including the beautiful (ABRSM listed) Christopher Ball Concerto and the Christopher Ball Quintet for clarinet & string Quartet

Price(GBP): £8.50

Below BRAHMS and ROTA Sonatas with Michael Pollock piano

plus the ROTA TRIO for Clarinet with super star of 2CELLOS Stjepan Hauser and Yoko Misumi

Front cover of cd of music by Brahms and Rota   

Below – Romantic Trios – nominated for the BBC Music Magazine Chamber Music awards and given five stars in the BBC mag.

STJEPAN HAUSER of 2CELLOS on all three works: Beethoven, Brahms and Bruch with Yoko Misumi piano

Rave reviews in the American International Clarinet Association Magazine ” THE CLARINET” (see reviews page)

Price(GBP): £8.50



Price(GBP): £8.50


Right – Roma Cafolla’s

beautiful romantic music

hauntingly beautiful pieces for clarinet and interesting combinations of instruments including clarinet and violin, harp, flute and piano plus the Irish bodhran drum

Fantastic value – a two CD set given a rave review by David Campbell in the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain magazine “Clarinet & Saxophone” (see reviews page)







FANTASTIC, SIMPLE yet extremely effective ATG SYSTEM

for perfecting reeds – this system is foolproof and will enable you to transform unplayable reeds into concert reeds in minutes. Includes full instructional booklet, DVD of the method in step by step easy to see sections plus the glass block the reed resurfacing block plus abrasives.(Spare parts are available from Leslie should you require extra blocks abrasives etc)  This is we believe the worlds best selling reed fixing method and will save you a lot of money in no time – no more wasted reeds ……………………….

The easiest and simplest best selling reed adjusting system - you will recoup the cost in no time so for the equivalent of about three boxes of reeds you will be able to use virtually all the reeds you buy !
Price(GBP): £75.50

N.B. SPARE SANDING BLOCKS, RUBBER BANDS, ABRASIVES and GLASS SURFACES and packages of these can be bought from Leslie – by emailing him: for a pack of one sanding block, two grades of abrasives (8 pieces cut to size) and spare rubber bands (2 in a pack) £10 plus £3 P&P  –

add a glass surface for £8 plus £6 P&P : twin pack of glass & block plus bands and abrasives £24 inc P&P

for a pack of glass surface, sanding block, rubber bands, abrasives and Leslie’s written instructions on how to get the best from single reeds  and how to use both abrasives and blades on reeds, all in a plastic presentation box £20 plus £6 P&P by contacting Leslie direct at


TOM’s Fingering book – the best there is ……….

The absolute benchmark of fingering books selling hundreds per year and with suggestions as to where in the repertoire to use the fingerings – Tom Ridenour’s comprehensive book is a must for serious clarinettists …..

TOM’s MAINTENANCE and REPAIR DVDs for Clarinet enthusiasts to take care of and repair your clarinet and save a lot of money.

– a really essential set of DVDs on how to take a clarinet apart (and reassemble it !)  and do all the necessary work to keep it in good condition – learn to change pads , springs , tenon corks and lots more plus many helpful tips on maintenance –

Price(GBP): £34.75

THE THUMB SADDLE – a solution for tight closed fingers and tension in the hands

fits on the back of the conventional thumb rest and is stepped out from the back of the clarinet effectively making the diameter of the clarinet wider and opening the hand to give more individual digital control and eliminate  tension (which can lead to tendonitis)but only  if the thumb rest is in the correct position – i.e. index and thumb opposite each other.

Note from Les :

If your thumb rest is not in that position I strongly recommend you have a repair tech move it and then apply the Thumb saddle. Some adjustable thumb rests require some padding between the saddle and the body of the clarinet so if this is the case please inform Les  when ordering and he will include some packing material to put between thumb rest and clarinet body – either felt or Velcro on both saddle and body of clarinet can eliminate the gap if any.


Price(GBP): £13.00