Leslie endorses Marca Clarinet Reeds and Ashton Superpads. He uses Backun  bells and Bradford Behn “Craven model” Sono mouthpieces on Zinner blanks
Leslie uses Ashton Superpads made by Eddie Ashton of Woodwind & co.
Leslie has used MARCA reeds for many years


Teaching and writing

Leslie teaches at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He co-leads a Clarinet Convention with Peter Fielding at the School of Music at Cardiff University. Leslie frequently contributes articles and reviews for the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society.
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama


Virtual tour of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Music Department, Cardiff University
Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain


wno-logo-2013As principal clarinet of the Welsh National Opera, Leslie has performed in numerous operas and recordings with such artists as Bryn Terfel, Renee Fleming, Alfredo Kraus, and Marcello Alvarez.

Recommended products
Leslie recommends Vandoren products
Ridenour Clarinet Products UK
Leslie uses Ridenour Clarinets and the Ridenour Reed Finishing method invented by Tom Ridenour – Leslie also recommends Tom’s book The Educator’s Guide to the clarinet and mouthpieces manufactured by him
Distributor of Rico reeds
D’addario have been generous sponsors of the Clarinet Convention for a number of years and we are grateful for their enthusiastic support for the Clarinet Convention at the School of Music, Cardiff University
Leslie currently uses Brad Behn’s Chedeville style Zinner blank “Craven” model mouthpiece specially designed in conjunction with Brad for Leslie’s personal taste in sound, focus and ease of production, staccato etc
Leslie gave the teaching aid Music@Site a glowing review for CASS magazine.
Book of sitting exercises by the Late John Franchi
Prozone Music sponsor the Clarinet Convention and stock many products that Leslie recommends including Vandoren mouthpieces, Silverstein ligatures etc etc
June Emerson Publishing (Emerson Edition) have published much of the clarinet music recorded by Leslie including works by Christopher Ball, Daniel Bimbi and Tom Jackson
Music publisher and wind specialist
A website devoted purely to woodwind players round the world
Hummingbird & Maskarade Music publishing
Distributors of Gonzalez reeds
(courtesy of Eduardo Davolos) has generously sent reeds to distribute in the Clarinet Convention
Barnes & Mullins. Award-winning distributor of musical instruments since 1895
Manufacturer of ligatures Leslie uses the Cry04 model and recommends these – see his article for CASS GB  in Articles page

Other links
World Clarinet Alliance. An organisation for the promotion of the clarinet and associated material – free membership
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
The International Clarinet Association. A fantastic organisation for the promotion of all things clarinet orientated – modest subscription rates for a magazine with amazing articles and terrific website archive material and much more
Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
Leslie received several rave reviews from the Dutch magazine De Klarinet and has written articles for the publication.
Daniel Bimbi, who has written works for many well-known instrumentalists, has dedicated his piece (for clarinet and piano) “El Casot” to Leslie.
Nick Hartline is a friend of Leslie’s who hopes to perform the music of Christopher Ball in the USA – he is professor of clarinet at the Southern Adventist University – Chattanooga
Hernán Darío Guttiérrez is professor of clarinet at the University of Caldas in Colombia. He is a member of the Cuarteto Colombiano de Clarinetes