Hello all my clarinettist friends – just a short note to say at present the Clarinet Convention is definitely going ahead and there are no plans to cancel or postpone. Provided we all take sensible precautions such as hand washing regularly and do not share reeds etc there should not be an issue.

People do get this virus which is a flu – like experience and the vast majority of normal, healthy people recover.

Two of my daughters in London work in hospitals as doctors and they are working really hard to fight this virus. Doctors get this also – so no one is immune but the important thing is not to over-react . It is a form of ‘flu not the bubonic plague or ebola!!

So I hope we will see all my old friends (and new) at the Convention on April 19th unless there is a change of policy from the University. Currently the University is proposing no overseas travel for students but no lectures are being cancelled and classes go on as normal so I think at present things are looking positive.

Symptoms to watch for are coughing , shortness of breath and fever.

Clearly if anyone develops those it is best to self isolate for a couple of weeks and treat it as a serious ‘flu.

I am no doctor but these are some of the helpful guidelines I have been offered by medical advisors. See you on the 19th April 🙂