Leslie’s Summer Courses begin with an individual residential weekend and lots of praise…..



This from an adult learner (aged 66) of  clarinet of about grade 5/6 standard who drove the 5-6 hours from Durham for an individual residential weekend :

Dear Les

Thank you again for a very enjoyable weekend, for your invaluable teaching (and patience).  The intensity of the sessions was just right to drill down the correct method into a rusty old brain, now I need to work on re-training, foccussing on all the things you pointed out and taught me. Thank you both for your hospitality and a big thank you to Chris for her hard work and lovely cooking. I look forward to reconnecting with you again in due course, Many thanks and best wishes Sam (Durham)

From Les: We foccussed on improving tone and sight reading plus breath support and air delivery along with reed adjusting, and articulation but still had time to enjoy the garden and jacuzzi and a little sight seeing and a local riverside pub!!