“Best 5 clarinets reviewed” – ha ha ha – is this a joke?https://bestreviews.com/best-clarinets


I went to a site that reviews items for sale and they call themselves “best reviews”. They had the best 5 clarinets according to whom? Who are these self proclaimed experts?

Also these expert critics of clarinet quality did not recommend the sporanino Eb for beginners as it (according to the one so called expert consulted) requires “special” fingerings.

Before I retired I was at the top of the profession for a long time and I started on a simple system (fewer keys) Eb clarinet and I can tell you it did me a lot of good !! It teaches one to listen to intonation and gives the young player a chance to cover the holes properly instead of contorting the hand into an awkward stretch to cover the Bb clarinet sized holes. Their list of so called “best clarinets ” is quite limited to clarinets they buy with their own money apparently. Well I certainly will not send them any free samples that’s for sure and if anyone wants to find out where the best clarinets are they ought to visit this site – there are some of the best and best value for money here on my site – made by Ridenour. Clearly sites that purport to be unbiased and yet are so subjective, limiting their selection for the title “best” to just a few they can afford to buy is clearly ridiculous.Over the many years I have been playing I have played : Selmer, Buffet, Boosey and Hawkes, Cuesnon, Rudall Carte, Uebel, Hammerschmidt, Leblanc, Noblet, Corton, Yamaha and many other brands and I can honestly say Ridenour compares favourably with all these. Best – well as the say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but I can offer the best price for a professional quality clarinet that will stand up to comparison with all the main brands at a fraction of the price.

As for “best” – I think that the title for “best” value definitely goes to the Ridenour C clarinet and the Bass clarinet to low C with the 576 Bb and Libertas models in hot pursuit ! I do not say Ridenour are better than all the others – that would be a ridiculous boast as there are some truly beautiful instruments being made but at a price point double or triple or more than Ridenour. Why give them a try and see for yourself how good these eco friendly clarinets are.

They will fit most budgets and are suitable for all levels of player from beginner to Professional