Some delighted artists with Leslie who use Silverstein ligatures 

in the Welsh National Opera Orchestra                                                                  

   Daniel Rye                                                             Hannah Morgan      Jennie Porton


Products currently for sale at much reduced prices :

New – Estro White Gold Ligature and Omni Cap set-

special price:

*1 only £180 plus P&P includes rubber black Omnicap normally sold separately for £12 

special price:

1 only – Carbon Black – Bass clarinet ligature and Cap set £180 plus P&P  

To buy: Contact Leslie  to pay by credit card or direct bank transfer
by telephone : 01600 714169 or email  

*This Estro White Gold/Platinum with Zircon gemstone insert was generously donated to the Clarinet Convention by Silverstein President BK Son to be sold to sponsor the Convention 2017. Normally sold in USA for $280 – $330 (£218 – £257)

Silverstein also donated a Cry04 Ligature for sale to the Convention and it has happily found a new home !


CARBON BLACK BASS ligature £180 special price

CARBON BLACK BASS ligature special price £180


Leslie uses the Ultra violet /ozone  Silverstein “Light” to sanitise all RCP UK products

ESTRO WHITE GOLD/PLATINUM ligature special price £180

These ligatures are amazing – is the comment from all those who use them.