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My pricing versus direct import from America :

My professionally set up clarinets will cost less than importing from USA direct after you have paid import duty taxes and handling plus shipping.

My personal guarantee and advice is a huge bonus unique to this site.

All clarinets at full price for a limited time only come with a Ridenour mouthpiece, a free box of Marca reeds & two years free servicing from Leslie plus cork grease, swab and case.

RCP Libertas Bb clarinet £1,575  

without mouthpiece £1475   


RCP Lyrique  Bb clarinet £975 

without mouthpiece £895

RCP Lyrique A clarinet £1575 

without mouthpiece £1,475

RCP Lyrique C clarinet £1,075 

 without mouthpiece £989

Ridenour Pro Bb soprano mouthpiece (fits all soprano clarinets, A Bb & C )

                                                                    if bought separately £170








                                   RCP 925c BASS CLARINET:


Mark O’Brien Bass Clarinettist of the

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

has bought one of these which he uses for all outdoor work and educational presentations.

N.B. Please do not confuse these pro quality Bass clarinets with cheaper similar – looking but inferior design ABS resin Bass clarinets on the market. It is easy to make a cheap instrument in China and sell them for attractive prices but not easy to design a durable top pro quality clarinet  for sale at a price most people can afford and set up by a top pro player.

RCP 925C Professional Bass clarinet to Low C with mouthpiece £3175 

price without mouthpiece £3050

with mouthpiece and Reed and Squeak budget case (no carry straps) £3350

with  mouthpiece and a Reed and squeak case with back pack carry straps £3400

N.B. All prices negotiable with bundles of accessories.

Please scroll down to see the entire range of instruments and accessories with in-depth descriptions and current special offers on mouthpieces cases etc…

For special packages or “bundles” email Leslie with your requirements and he will quote a favourable price for multiple purchases and shipping.

RCP UK is also delighted to be associated with James Mainwaring,  leading clarinettist in London’s West End  Musical scene and for recording sessions.  James’s full evaluation of the 576b can be viewed in customer testimonials where you can read about Leslie’s special customer care  from many delighted, enthusiastic clarinettists in UK and abroad.   


James Mainwaring – top London West End multi instrumentalist

“Les the Lyrique Bb 576 is a terrific clarinet”  James Mainwaring  Order from Leslie for peace of mind that your clarinet will arrive (if shipped by post) in perfect playing condition as Leslie takes great care in packing. On arrival in U.K. the clarinets are stripped and each part is checked for damage or transit maladjustment caused by unsympathetic baggage handling.

After the initial inspection the clarinet is “set up” personally by Leslie as a top professional would expect it to be  to respond quickly,  for note clarity, evenness of response and key/mechanism efficiency with minimum key noise and a perfect seal. 

Leslie  will tune the clarinet to the mouthpiece of your choice provided that mouthpiece is compatible with pitch A 440 or A 442 or supply it with a ridenour mouthpiece according to your taste

See my customer testimonials from Pro players and amateurs who gave unsolicited praise for these instruments and the set up – also pre- sales  and after sales service. (Leslie)

Ergonomic register key

Ergonomic register key supplied on all clarinets. Standard register keys can be supplied free of charge for  RCP clarinets if requeste

LYRIQUE 576b B-flat  clarinet 

The 576b is used by Leslie and by many leading players worldwide. If you need a clarinet that will not be affected by climate this is the clarinet for you. Stable, with accurate tuning and a warm focussed sound the 576b is not just a student clarinet – although it is (because of its low price)  ideal for students – it is a fully capable professional quality clarinet and Leslie has used his on TV, in performances and recordings with great success. Recently he toured to Oman and Dubai where he played his eighteen year old Ridenour clarinets in Operas and concerts and received many fine compliments for the sound quality.

LYRIQUE 575a A clarinet

The Lyrique A clarinet plays in an extremely free blowing way (just as freely as the Lyrique  and Libertas Bb clarinets). Unlike most A clarinets that take a long time to “blow in” this A clarinet feels free and totally expressive from the outset due to its highly polished and highly accurately moulded bore. It has (because of its Tom Ridenour bore design) superior tuning and evenness of note plus the ability to cross the breaks more smoothly and evenly. It is a pleasure to experience an A clarinet with much less resistance in the upper registers – no more grunts on the notorious A clarinet clarion “A” and above. Try one and experience for yourself the lovely freedom, dark sonority and expressiveness that can be achieved on this beautiful clarinet.



£2,350 includes mouthpiece,  swab, ligature, reed cap, cork grease, 2 long, 2 short barrels, plus one box of MARCA reeds (strength of your choice) plus 2 years free servicing.              







Lyrique Libertas

Lyrique Libertas Bb clarinett


Tom Ridenour : “The Lyrique Libertas is the clarinet I’ve hoped to make for over a decade now, a clarinet that possesses many of the same playing and acoustical characteristics of the Opus/Concerto clarinets I designed in the 1990s…but with a big difference: these clarinets play better than any clarinets, wood or hard rubber, I’ve ever played, and of course, they won’t crack and break your heart.”

LYRIQUE 570C    

Designed to provide top professional performance features by Tom Ridenour, the C clarinet will exceed all that you hoped a C clarinet could ever be. The experience of playing the Lyrique C clarinet dispels all the past myths about clarinets pitched in C. The tone is never thin or strident and the scale never “wacky”. Rather, the Lyrique C is characterized by a warm, sweet tone that is closer to the human voice than perhaps any other wind instrument. Even the high notes retain a beautifully round, sweet quality at all dynamic levels.  The Lyrique also has the most even, efficient blowing resistance of any clarinet, giving the player the feeling of total freedom to express oneself. The tuning scale of the Lyrique C is exceptionally accurate  (normally other C clarinets are notoriously uneven in their tuning).  This superior tuning  is due to  detailed custom work  by Lyrique designer, Tom Ridenour which is checked further and micro-adjusted by Leslie when the clarinet arrives in his studio. Like the Bb and A, the Lyrique C clarinet takes a standard Bb clarinet mouthpiece , making switching from one to the other in performance easy and seamless.

Note from Leslie: I have used the Ridenour Lyrique C clarinet in Welsh National Opera for almost 20 years with huge success in many operas and concerts – Works by Beethoven, Mahler, Operas by Verdi ,(Falstaff , Rigoletto, etc., etc .,) Nicolai , (Merry Wives of Windsor) Smetana, (Bartered Bride) Rossini, (Barber of Seville etc .,etc .,etc .,) Bellini, (Puritani), Donizetti,  (Maria Stuarda , Don Pasquale etc., etc .,etc ., )  Mozart, Richard Strauss (“Der Rosenkavalier” and chamber works)  and many more utilise the unique voice of the C clarinet. The C clarinet is also used frequently in folk music and I have sold many to players in all parts of the world for this specific purpose. There are concertos by a number of                                                    composers written for this lovely instrument and a lot of early clarinet music involves the C clarinet

RCP LOW C BASS CLARINET 925C includes mouthpiece cap, ligature, swab, cork grease, reeds, hard durable case, neck strap and spike. 2yrs free maintenance service.

RCP 925C Bass clarinet to Low C 

These clarinets are very popular because they are great value & professional quality hence there may be a waiting period of about six weeks for delivery.  To reserve a price (these prices can vary due to exchange rate) secure a clarinet price with a £100 deposit)  Please check with Leslie for current prices as he can personally negotiate the price for a package deal of a reed and squeak case plus mouthpiece and selected accessories. There are cheaper basses around but none of this quality and advanced bore design providing superior tuning and evenness than other inferior basses.

A new recent independent review of the Bass can be found in the news page or here : http://woodwindwonderland.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-ridenour-lyrique-925-hard-rubber.html 

Lyrique 925e Bb bass clarinet

Lyrique 925c Bb bass clarinet to low C

The Lyrique Low C bass is considered by many professionals to be the best value bass clarinet on the musical instrument market today.

The Lyrique’s  scale, even response, and beauty of tone is comparable to professional basses costing thousands more. Unlike the wood bodies of those expensive clarinets, the bore of the Lyrique will remain stable year round, and the body will not crack or warp

The mechanism is durable and beautifully made, and with the stability of the pure, natural, hard rubber body  your new Lyrique Low C bass                                                                                                           will be a clarinet for a life time.
Features include: double register key, adjustable neck for tuning and ergonomically designed left hand thumb mechanism.

The durable, hard-shell wood case gives the bass excellent protection. (Upgrade to lightweight cases available)*

For those who have always wanted or needed a low C bass but have never been able to afford  the expensive crack – prone wooden counterparts, the Ridenour Lyrique Low C bass is the solution.  If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, please contact Leslie to find out about current stock levels and availability.

*NEW : An upgrade to a reed and squeak lightweight case can be had – for purchasers of the RCP 925c
a special deal from Reed and Squeak. (personal note from Les)  These cases are made in the U.K. and are high quality hard wearing protective cases and I have shipped clarinets in them to countries all over Europe with no damage whatsoever. I use Reed and Squeak lightweight cases for all my clarinets Bb, A, Eb  and C plus the Basses.

above: Budget Lightweight case for low C 925c Bass (no back straps)  £170 (currently in stock)
normal retail price £245

below: Lightweight case (with backstraps and extra pockets ) £225  normal retail price £295

This offer is exclusive to Leslie and RCP UK

RCP UK Accessories below:

Thumb saddle, A.T.G. reed system,  Books: Clarinet Fingerings book,  The Educator’s Guide to the Clarinet,  Basic Repair and maintenance 3 DVD set,   New: Ultimax cork grease and Pivot and roller lubricant 

Thumb saddle £13

Thumb saddle by RCP

Help avoid tendonitis and other playing related injuries – try the 

Thumb Saddle.

A word from Les about the position of thumb rests: ” Almost all thumb rests are situated too low and can cause damage to your hand so I strongly advise getting it moved – by a trained technician – or I can do the work for you at a small cost – £15 and add your thumb saddle (£13) but the expensive part would be the shipping to and from my studio. However:  No matter what the cost – it is better not to have tendon or joint pain caused by the clarinet thumb rest being in the incorrect place ergonomically speaking. So I would strongly advocate this service to you. I also add Velcro and felt below the saddle to make it more secure  as some adjustable thumb rests are set away from the body of the clarinet causing the saddle to have a gap between it and the clarinet body. Ideally this gap should be filled with felt or velcro which if added to both body of the clarinet and back of the saddle the stability of the saddle is much enhanced.”

Ordinary thumb rests, whether adjustable or not can cause the thumb and the fingers to close in “pinch-like” fashion to the degree that the fingers are almost forced to straighten.

Straight fingers have two negative effects on clarinet technique: they cause wasted, tense, finger motion and, most importantly, they cause this tension to spread throughout the whole hand. This slows the finger technique and reduces endurance and can be the source of many medical problems. The Ridenour Thumb Saddle is the simple solution to this frustrating dilemma.  It simply slips on and off of the thumb rest like any commercially available thumb cushion.

But unlike standard thumb cushions or adjustable thumb rests which displace the thumb to the degree that throws the hand out of balance, The Ridenour Thumb Saddle eliminates the “pinch” tension between the thumb and fingers by simply opening the hand up.

The increased openness promotes the needed relaxation without throwing the thumb and fingers out of balance. The curved fingers promote a much more efficient finger motion and increased endurance due to the absence of tension.

Purchase the thumb saddle:

Price(GBP): £13.00

All items below can also be found in store page

The ATG Universal Reed Finishing System £75 50p

ATG reed finishing system

ATG reed finishing system

The Ridenour ATG Universal Reed Finishing System is the world’s easiest to learn, easiest to use, most effective and largest selling reed finishing system, bar none!

Besides being unbelievably effective and easy to use the ATG System is also one of the least expensive methods for working on reeds.

With the ATG Sysytem we guarantee you will say goodbye to reed problems forever!

Purchase the ATG Universal Reed Finishing System:

The easiest and simplest best selling reed adjusting system - you will recoup the cost in no time so for the equivalent of about three boxes of reeds you will be able to use virtually all the reeds you buy !
Price(GBP): £75.50

The Books

Clarinet Fingerings   
Price(GBP): £19.75

fingering-bookClarinet Fingerings: A Guide for the Performer and Educator was first published thirty years ago, in 1985. The depth and completeness of its content and its user friendly format, facilitating ease of use, quickly made it the standard work on clarinet fingerings, and it remains so to the present.

Clarinet Fingerings contains over two hundred fingerings for the upper register of the clarinet.

The fingerings are presented in easy to read pictures. In addition each fingerings are annotated with essential information to help the performer know how and when to best use the fingering.

Information includes specific instance in the standard literature where the fingerings may be used as well as analysis of the fingerings tonal, responsive and tuning characteristics.

Clarinet Fingerings also contains two essays on fingering usage, numerous pages of blank fingerings which enables the clarinetist to personalize the book with his or her favorite fingerings.

Clarinet Fingerings is 8 1/2″ X 11″, which makes it very easy to carry and is spiral bound in order to easily open flat for use on a music stand. Clarinet Fingerings will quickly become one of your most used and indispensable text references.

The Educator’s Guide to the Clarinet £37. 75p   

Purchase The Educator’s Guide to the Clarinet:
The best educational book for learning and teaching the clarinet
Price(GBP): £37.75

educator-guideThe Educator’s Guide to the Clarinet is the Clarinet’s first complete pedagogy in its 250 year history!

Whether you want to teach the clarinet better or learn the clarinet, the Educator’s Guide has the information you need to save you time and effort and the frustration of trial and error.

Contents Include:

Introduction, including “Why this book was written” and the essay, “The Importance of Gaining an Overview of the Clarinet”.

Part I Chapters Include:

• How to Teach the Clarinet Tone Concept

• How to Teach Breathing and Blowing

• The Tongue; Voicing the Clarinet Tone

• How to Teach Clarinet Embouchure

• How to Teach Finger Technique

• How to Teach Articulation

Part II Chapters Include:

• How to Test and Select Clarinets

• All about Clarinet Mouthpieces

• All about Clarinet Reeds

• Accessories for the Clarinet

• Repair and Maintenance



Basic Clarinet Repair & maintenance  – 3 DVDs £60  in most cases this is cheaper than a single trip to the repair man

Basic Clarinet Repair and Maintenance is a 3 DVD set that includes two and a half hours of video instruction  MAINTENANCE comp (1)in easy bite – sized segments, clearly and painstakingly explained by Tom Ridenour himself.

In this three DVD instructional set, Tom teaches you how to keep your clarinet in top playing condition and adjustment and perform the most critical clarinet repairs by the tried and trusted learning method of show and tell.

Individual videos are brief but thorough, and limited to a single subject. In the videos Tom both demonstrates and describes how each operation is done, repeatedly showing that clarinet repair and maintenance is hardly rocket science, but that the techniques and skills needed to do competent repair work can be broken down into simple operations, operations that are easy to understand and master with a little careful  practice.

Basic Repair and Maintenance will save you time, money, give you a new sense of mastery and control over your clarinet and more confidence as a player. If you are a  teacher these DVD’s will enable you to have more confidence in helping find the problems with students’ clarinets.

3 DVDs that will save you £s in no time and help keep the clarinet in tip top condition enabling you to do most repair jobs in no time.
Price(GBP): £60.00

ULTIMAX CORK GREASE (the best around !  – Les ) and PIVOT and ROLLER LUBRICANT (for silencing all noisy mechanisms)

Note currently Cork Grease is sold out I will order more and it will arrive in a month but in the meantime if you need some let me know and I will reserve a tub for you – it goes like hot cakes !! Hence I am temporarily sold out. Best wishes Les 

I have Pivot and roller lubricant in stock

These products are amazing and the only non Ridenour product stocked by RCP in USA and UK.




for shipping overseas please contact Leslie – if you are from outside UK please do not use the click and pay below but contact leslie directly – see contact page.

the best cork grease around actually moisturises the cork wheras other greases can dry the cork out and require much repeat use - this cork grease lasts a lot longer and is more economical as you use less over a long period.
Price(GBP): £11.50

Great silencing grease for rods and for pivots rollers etc - miraculous - I use it all the time when preparing or overhauling clarinets - Leslie )
Price(GBP): £12.50

These synthetic greases are inert and will not discolour metal or wood and are completely safe to use. The Roller and Pivot Lubricant is ideal for silencing mechanisms and if applied to rods will silence clicks associated with ill fitting rods and create a smoothly operating mechanism.

The Cork grease actually moisturises the cork unlike most grease that dehydrates it. Apply sparingly as it is super efficient and whilst at first glance it may seem more expensive than most grease it is in effect more economical. One need only use a tiny amount at a time to lubricate the corks efficiently.