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Instant Help for Playing and Teaching the Clarinet

bookcoverLeslie’s book, Instant help for Playing and Teaching The Clarinet, has been so successful he has sold all the hard copies from the first print run – to enable customers to save money it is now downloadable exclusively as a P.D.F. document that can be stored and printed out when required either whole or in the relevant parts that the pupil/teacher requires – thus eliminating the need to carry the entire book around when just a few pages are needed to address a specific problem. Acrobat® Reader® is required to read the document.

Download free excerpts from Leslie’s book (pdf format)

Create a warmup
Javier Defez Requena’s reedmaking system
Extract from embouchure section

“This book presents information in bite-sized snippets, employing a simple but effective vocabulary which embraces specialist and non-specialist students and teachers alike.

“Whether you are a specialist or non-specialist teacher, professional or amateur clarinettist…I firmly believe that you will be impressed by the clarity of the information.”

Ronan Durnin (from a review for CASS)


music@siteAlistair Logan invented the incredibly useful programme music@site, a sight reading / aural / theory programme to help with the knotty problems facing music students in these often neglected areas of exam preparation. (The C.D. is comprehensive and can be used by most instruments). Fellow clarinettist Alistair has been generous in offering to help promote Leslie’s book with a special twin purchase offer.

The C.D. normally retails at £15.99p plus p&p but can be purchased through this site for only £11.50p including p&p – a saving of over £5, when purchased together with the book for a combined price of £23.50.

Please note that the Music@Site software is not compatible with Mac computers

Leslie reviewed the programme for the CASS magazine and gave it a glowing report – check it out for yourself by clicking on the music@site image on the Links page. You can go to the website for the product and download a trial version before buying.

Purchase Leslie’s book as a download in Portable Document Format for only £12.00

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Twin purchase offer: the Music@Site Disk & Leslie’s book – only £23.50

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