Pre-owned clarinets and accessories

This page advertises some clarinets that friends and colleagues have asked me to advertise .

I do not take commission on sales so if you have a clarinet to advertise do let me know. If anyone wishes to try one of these clarinets please contact me at or by ‘phone. (See contact page)

Superb condition Leblanc Opus Bb clarinet (Mark 1)


This is an excellent clarinet – and if I was not retiring next year I would buy it !! – Les

It has a lovely warm tone and really excellent intonation. It blows freely and has a very even scale up to the highest altissimmo. The wood in this clarinet is beautifully aged and typical of the highest quality that Leblanc were famous for – their wood was always regarded as being of the finest quality and in this top pro model it is a joy to behold – lovely rich mottled Mpingo /Grenadilla. Supplied in the really excellent original Leblanc  leather covered hard case  a bargain at £1675 

A top professional clarinet in my opinion – Les

The price is for the clarinet as it is but for an extra £130 I would change the pads (which are actually in excellent condition) and cover them with Teflon to give an even more professional finish to this beautiful clarinet.