Pre-owned clarinets and accessories

This page advertises some clarinets that have come to me to sell on commission and some used clarinets of my own that I am selling at a fair price .wners come to me with a view to using my site to advertise their used clarinets  and I will takecommission for any sale from the sale amount

If anyone wishes to try one of these clarinets please contact me at


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Excellent Condition :R13 Buffet clarinet in Bb, hardly used this clarinet has silver plating and has been re-padded where necessary by Leslie to ensure a perfect playing experience.
This clarinet is now better than new. £1225
(New R13s are often not set up with as much care to detail and can perform much worse than this 4 year old – hardly played model)
This one has been set up and clearances adjusted by Leslie to be really clear blowing on every note plus tuning finely adjusted and a high degree of key work silencing.
All mechanisms have been checked and adjusted and the clarinet has excellent seal for a rapid response. contact Leslie