Leslie’s repair clinic for clarinets


Ever had a spring break or a pad fall out or accidents, causing bent keys or annoying random squeaks that you cannot cure ? If the answer is yes – you need  – Leslie’s repair clinic

Les will diagnose your clarinet and offer a simple solution to all basic problems – whether pads springs adjustments or silencing, Les solve all the problems.

Simply give him a call on 01600 714169 or his mobile or email in contact page and he will give you a quote for the repair, no repair too small  each job quoted for individually and can be very inexpensive – a simple pad replacement from  £10 and spring replacements from  £15 but for a major overhaul see below.

Basic Servicing: strip the clarinet, clean out all tone holes lubricate all rods with ultimax lubricant, silence the mechanism, fix/replace any  pieces of cork that may have come off linkage keys, repair any pads that are not sealing  fix broken springs  from £75  – full quotation on visual inspection.

Les has been fixing clarinets since he was 8 years old – he took his first instrument apart aged 7.
Being a top professional player he can accurately test the playability and set the clarinet up as a professional would expect it to be.

Les makes his own Teflon  covered pads that have proven to be a huge success :

A complete repad  starts at £195 for a normal Bb clarinet using Teflon covered pads in most areas plus some cork and/or neoprene in areas requiring different density pads depending on the make and model of the clarinet.

Total overhauls depending on numbers of spring replacements required start from £270 if more than 5 springs need replacing the cost would be approximately £320

A total overhaul including new tenon corks, new pads, silencing key work, lubricating all mechanism and installing new springs in all necessary areas up to 8 springs £375

The price includes a full play test by Leslie and a professional finish to the clarinet  includes polishing and cleaning.
Les also repairs mouthpieces and re-faces scratched, damaged mouthpieces if the damage can be repaired.
He also stocks a selection of both Ridenour and Craven /Behn mouthpieces if upgrades or replacements are required.

Mouthpiece refacing work  repairs to scratches and other damage  – quotes based on visual inspection.

If you are local to the Monmouthshire area a collection service and delivery can be arranged for a small nominal fee to cover time and fuel.

All work guaranteed.