Personal Note from Leslie : I hope you find the site easy to navigate – so please enjoy  the site, the shop , do explore  the RCP products for whom I am the sole agent (in UK and for Europe) and my own personal products – CDs book etc  and make use of all the free resources available: Educational resources – there is advice for embouchure correction and posture correction – as well as how to get into the orchestral music profession plus extracts from my teaching book – all in Resources and Articles. I hope you get a lot of knowledge and information – do contact me if you wish to ask relevant questions about any aspect of the site or a clarinet related  question or have a lesson (- either at home in my studio or on e-staccato) – there is no need to buy anything even if you want some free advice – I always reply personally there are no salespeople or assistants – you get my direct help. Thanks for visiting do visit again.

Leslie Craven – for many years performed and recorded for London’s major orchestras; RPO Philharmonia, LSO etc., etc., and also for T.V., film and advertisement sessions (known as”Jingles”) in the major studios.In 1993 he was invited by Maestro Carlo Rizzi to join W.N.O. and he settled in Wales in to enjoy a more pleasant lifestyle and to be part of one of the world’s leading Opera companies. For more about Leslie’s career go to About Leslie in the top menu.

Inspirations double cd now available

He gives consultations for mouthpieces and lessons/classes in his studio at home.Soon he hopes to begin chamber music weekends at his home for small groups of players – to find out more contact Leslie direct.

He is the sole U.K. agent for all Ridenour clarinet products including The entire range of RCP clarinets. there is two models of  Bb, the Lyrique 576b and Libertas plus the Lyrique C, A and Bass clarinet. He also stocks the best selling ATG reed finishing system which virtually guarantees 99% of reeds can be used after balancing with this simple to use system.